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Nearly one-fourth population of the world is allergic to one thing or the other. Allergies are of many kinds. You may wake up one morning to find that you have watery and itchy eyes and your nose is blocked badly. This will indicate that you have become a victim of allergies quite unknowingly. This is what people mostly term as seasonal allergies. Many people develop allergies when they are near animals. It may be even the pets that they keep at home. At times you will find that you have developed cold which even after a month is not going away. This is again a dominant sign of your developing allergies. The various kinds of allergies have various ways of detection. 

The allergies can invade your life at any time. There is no fixed time and no fixed reason for them to enter your life. Even a small baby who is fed mother’s milk can also become allergic to food. Food allergies can happen at any age to any individual. Milk and peanut consumption have been the most dominant reasons for the development of allergies in small children. The protein elements in these two compounds are the main reasons for the development of this allergy. Often it has been found that people who have developed allergies to these two compounds have stopped the consumption of these compounds for the rest of their lives. This has helped them to maintain good health and also get rid of the complications of allergies. People who develop allergies to peanut consumption cannot eat them again in their lives. However many children can again consume milk as they outgrow the allergens as they grow up.

Allergy reasons – dust and pet dander

Dust and pet dander are the other reasons which can lead to allergy formation in an individual. These have proteins in them and this is the reason why your body is reacting in this manner to these compounds. For those individuals who have dust allergies, life can be very difficult. It is almost difficult to get away from dust and dirt. The recent rise in pollution all over the world makes life even difficult for people with a dust allergy. When they go out, it is impossible for them to stop the effects of the dust to harm their health. They can wear masks to prevent the effect of dust on their health. But even that is also a temporary relief for the person. For these individuals making the home environment dust and dirt free is very important. Proper cleaning of the house, using a good heating system for the house and using hypoallergenic products for the bed are some simple measures that you can take to decrease the effects of dust and dirt on your health. This is indeed very helpful for the people and helps to get rid of this allergy to a great extent. They cannot control the dust outside but they can control it within the confines of their home. 

Pet dander is not the fur of the animal as many people commonly understand it to be. It also has the skin of the animal with it. This allergy is very difficult to fight with. For those people who have pets in their home and also have allergies, consumption of anti-allergic medicines becomes a must in their lives. Pet dander lingers in the air of your house. You may clean the house again and again, but it will stay on. Same is the case with dust mites which refuses to go away. It is also very strange that people who may have pets for a long time can even develop allergies all of a sudden. They may have existed with the allergies in their homes and nothing had happened. However, this started all of a sudden in the person.

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