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Dukan Diet – what to eat?

As would be known by many, the Dukan diet menu is based on a high protein diet and zero calories. It consists of four phases. The first two phases aim at losing weight and the next two phases ensure you don’t gain back that lost weight.

The first phase of this diet plan is carb-free protein-rich food. That week with protein only diet will allow you to lose 8-10 pounds of weight. During this phase carbohydrates and fat intake is a strict no-no. The food in the menu can be, skinless chicken, fish, eggs, fat-free cheese, and other non-fat dairy products. Since this phase is going to be a protein-only diet, it is a must to have oat barns every day to aid in digestion. It is also a must to drink plenty of water to keep away from bad breath and also to flush toxins from the body. It is in this phase that one loses the most weight and that too rapidly.

Phases of the Dukan Diet

In the Dukan diet menu, you can make a lot of yummy stuff and will not feel hungry. It should be taken care to cook them with no oil, you can either grill or dry fry the items. It might be tough for some people to just have the abovementioned items day after day, but hey, it’s only for a few days, maximum of 10 days ecoslim. After which you move on to the next phase wherein you can have your veggies. You can make yummy food and make it more interesting trying out different recipes each time so that you won’t get bored of the same thing again and again.

Although in the next phase the vegetables are introduced, you can have them only on alternated days still maintaining the protein diet. But here again, there are some restrictions on certain types of veggies. Starchy food such as potatoes, sweet corn, peas, lentils, etc is off the menu. By this phase, you can lose a maximum of 2.2 lbs of weight a week.

In the next two phases, you are brought back to a normal way of eating, slowly introducing the forbidden foods. And in the last phase, all you have to do is to eat normal but the seventh day of the week should be a protein only diet with oat barns.

Dukan diet is fast and then becomes controlled. As with any diet, it’s always advisable for you to consult the doctor before starting on the Dukan diet menu especially if you have some history of diseases like gout and cholesterol.

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