ultrasonic or jet nebulizers

Allergy and asthma are two of the most rampant health conditions on earth these days. With it being so common, allergy and asthma sufferers have tried their best just to find a tool which will help them fight the bothering signs and symptoms of the condition. It is fortunate for them though that today a lot of solutions are available for people to choose from. The nebulizers are just one of the most favored.

Nebulizers come in a form of breathing machine; hence it is often called as the nebulizer machine. It simply works to provide the allergy and asthma patient a medicine in its mist form and according to several reports, this way is highly effective for treating problems with breathing and other conditions associated with the conditions.

There are about two popular forms of nebulizers. The first type is known by the name Ultrasonic, while the other is known as Jet Nebulizer. Each of these forms has their own unique characteristics and features that can be considered as unique from the other known allergy and asthma treatments today. With that, finding and choosing the right option is then a very critical part of your treatment search.

For much information, let’s take a closer look to these nebulizer machines.

The Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Implied by its name, the ultrasonic nebulizer is the kind which employs sounds waves that are designed ultrasonic. These sound waves are used to convert or transform the liquid asthma and allergy medicine into the form of mist. The mist form is in turn can be inhaled by the allergy and asthma sufferer through the use of a mouthpiece or a facemask designed for such kind of treatment. The good thing about the ultrasonic nebulizer is that it performs fast, without any bothering sounds.

The ultrasonic nebulizer is also portable. It has user-friendly features and is compact and lightweight, so you can take it anywhere from home to other point of interest. And, aside from the fact that it performs quickly without any sounds, it is also easy to clean and maintain. You may find it boasting a shut off function for easy control.

The Jet Nebulizer

The Jet Nebulizer is the other type of nebulizer that works to perform miracles for asthma and allergy patients. However, unlike the ultrasonic type which can be utilized to assist almost all sorts of asthma and allergy sufferers, this option is only designed and developed to be used in conjunction with another effective treatment known by many as the Pulmicort Respules. The pulmicort respules are basically a type of corticosteroid which can be inhaled to treat mild symptoms of asthma. It was first developed to aid children suffering from allergy-related conditions. And, just like the ultrasonic option, Jet nebulizer is also portable. However, it needs more regular care than the first option, and instead of using sound waves, it transforms the liquid medication into mist through a compressed air.

So which is best? Which of the options mentioned above seems so attractive and effective? Well, both of these portable nebulizers work to treat asthma and allergy, but to exactly determine which unit best suits your needs, it would be best if you’ll talk to your doctor first before opting for one. Your doctor will be the one to tell you everything about your condition, or how severe or mild it is. Once the exact condition is determined, your doctor will also be the one to recommend you the right tool. So just follow what is directed or recommended by the medical expert. They know best more than you know. They know best more than you know.

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