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Onychomycosis may be related to ringworm of the feet and hands, as well as the other forms of dermatomycosis. Tinea appears in the form of eruptions (rash, blisters, lumps or scabs). Epidermis softens between the fingers and undergoes exfoliation that causes itching. Hence, there is a short route to a nail infection.

Symptoms of onychomycosis are mostly revealed by nail staining, which is getting brown and crumbles easy. The epidermis changes as well by getting keratinized. These changes can, and usually persist for a long time and stand for a serious impediment to the daily life of infected people.

The cause of onychomycosis 

There are many. It could be an infection through past ringworm of the feet and hands. It might be also caused by using public swimming pools, baths, or using someone else’s shoes (rented ski boots).

Treatment of onychomycosis

In addition to the related products used as a base for the treatment, very important is personal hygiene (use your towel, change it frequently and use always thoroughly laundered socks.) Onychomycosis prevention includes wearing ventilated shoes (old ones can be discarded due to the unfeasibility of mould removal). You should also frequently wash rugs, bath, bedding, and often replace the toothbrush.

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