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Asthma is an acute lung disorder where the bronchi get inflated, & thus restricting the passage of air resulting is uneasiness in breathing.

Asthma treatment

There is no permanent cure available for the ailment for preventive medicine but most commonly used is an asthma inhaler. It is a machine which contains aero soled medicine. This medicine flushes through the lungs, under high pressure & reliving the patient of this disorder. This machine contains medicine in a much lesser amount as compared to a pill & thus is recommended.

Although there are various types of asthma inhalers available, an individual can choose an inhaler depending upon his symptoms & the safety measures.

  • Reliever Inhalers: It is the most readily used category in the types of asthma inhalers, as it has to be used in case of an attack only. It readily subdues the inflamed bronchi & eases breathing.
  • Preventive Inhaler: The preventive inhaler falls under an altogether different type of asthma inhaler. It is not recommended for use in case of an attack rather the medication practice goes on a regular basis. One of two metered doses a day prevents asthma attacks.
  • Long-Lasting Bronchodilator Inhaler: These types of asthma inhalers work in the same manner as relievers, but their effect lasts for around 12 hours.
  • Inhalers depending upon the dosage: This type of asthma inhaler is categorized depending upon the medicated drug content. Some patients have advised a dosage of 200 µ grams while some other may be advised a higher or lower dosage. A doctor is the best person who can judge the dose recommended.
  • Steroid Inhalers: These inhalers generally use steroids as a treatment drug. Steroids work for removing inflammation the airways. Although, the patient can become addictive to it when used extensively.

Disadvantages of inhalers

Extended usage of asthma inhalers containing steroids can cause delusions of grandeur. The patient thinks himself to be of utmost importance. They can also suffer from paranoid delusion resulting in a feeling in the patient of getting prosecuted. They may also become a victim of visual & auditory illusions. The patients may start seeing something that is not present & may even hear voices out of silent backgrounds.

Asthma symptoms

Depending on how often a patient experiences bronchial asthma acute exacerbation, his disease can be classified into 4 categories.

Mild asthma or a starting stage is called a “symptom causing type”. Next stadium is mild persistent asthma, where attacks are slightly stronger and happen more often. The third kind is moderate persistent asthma which can lead to the worst kind where bronchial asthma acute exacerbation is extremely strong – severe persistent asthma.

Fortunately, nowadays there is a variety of drugs, meds, and natural/herbal remedies (combined with acupuncture) which help taking control of bronchial asthma acute exacerbation. Inhalers, medication and other alternative/holistic treatments can give excellent results which can last from few hours to few days. If you decide to take any therapy, be sure to talk to your physician in order to help yourself and not to make the situation even worse.

Chronic bronchial asthma is a medical term which describes a chronic illness of the respiratory system. It is a very common disease and it is also known as shortly – asthma. Main symptoms of chronic bronchial asthma include shortness of breath, then sneezing and wheezing, almost always coughing followed by the feeling of chest tightening. Main symptoms of chronic bronchial asthma include shortness of breath, then sneezing and wheezing, almost always coughing followed by the feeling of chest tightening

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